We are building the mobile bank for the next 2 Billion.
FairMoney Microfinance Bank is the number 1 most downloaded fintech app in Nigeria. With over 10,000 daily loan disbursements, and over 5 million users enjoying banking, savings, and investment services, FairMoney helps the average Nigerian access finance tools to take control of both their life and their finances.
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A customer base of over 5 million is a testament to the growing adoption of FairMoney's fintech solutions among Nigerians.

₦3.36 Billion

Products that meet all your life goals

Personal Loans

You can now access quick loans of up to ₦3,000,000 in 5 mins, no collaterals & easy repayment terms!

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Business Loans

Take your business to the next level with up to ₦5,000,000 FairMoney SME loans.

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Achieve your goals faster with FairLock (Fixed term deposits) & earn up to 26% interest P.A.

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Don't keep your money idle. Earn 14% interest P.A. paid daily.

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Earn 2% cash back whenever you use your FairMoney ATM card

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Bank Account

FairMoney offers you 30 free transfers monthly, discounts on airtime/data, no charges on bills, and much more!

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Bill Payment

Pay Your Bills with Ease (Enjoy 3% discount and zero transaction fees)

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POS Service

Launch your business on the Payforce network, start earning extra income and accepting payments from anywhere.

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Omolara Gbademosi
When ASUU called off the strike and my daughter was to go back to school, the money I was expecting wasn't forthcoming and my daughter is about to graduate. It’s FairMoney loans that helped us. I started a new business in school. It’s been going well, but I needed some money to buy things for this season. Can’t ask my parents because things are tight. I eventually used FairMoney loans, and my business has been growing.

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