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Hey guys, what’s good? Have you noticed that everytime you jump on social media, you see a post, video or reel telling you how to chill on a budget. As in, you hear people saying, your drink of choice when you go out should be water to avoid “Do Ri Me”, if you get me. Another video advises guys never to ask a babe they are toasting “what’s wrong” when she says “she isn’t fine”, because na billing sure pass. One reel says “having a home cooked dinner date is better than going out”, but I am sure they meant pocket friendly when they said “better”.

If you take a good look at these videos, you will agree, apart from the fact that they are fun to watch, they are also heavy on the truth. Why? Because they are relatable and speak to the times we find ourselves in. Another funny thing about all these videos is that they weren’t done by financial experts, they were made by everyday people who have come up with ways of dealing with the current state of our economy.

Just as you are coming up with ways to adapt to these sapa times, so are corporate organisations and businesses. The observation is that different companies have different ways of coping with these times. While some organisations have adopted cancellation of benefits as their strategy, we at FairMoney Microfinance Bank have chosen the reduction approach instead, because you are our priority! To this end, we have reworked our monthly free bank transfers from 100 to 30. We are doing this because we want you to keep enjoying FairMoney’s benefits irrespective of the times!

But there is good news; while you may have only 30 free transfers, we also have a lot of goodies to make you smile, like more juicy deals, more discounts and more benefits. You can also continue to enjoy our 3% discount on airtime/data, 10% interest P.A with FairSave and overall convenient banking experience.

Thank you for choosing FairMoney MFB!

FairFam… we out!