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We understand the importance of smart financial planning and helping our customers achieve their wealth-building goals
Our Fixed Deposit Investment offers an incredible opportunity to grow your money while safeguarding it against inflation. With attractive returns of up to 21% per annum , we provide a secure and reliable platform for your investments.

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We offer highly competitive interest rates on your investments, ensuring that your money works harder for you. With our attractive rates, you can maximize your earnings and achieve your financial objectives faster.
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No hidden charges. Best rates are shared
We are backed by NDIC and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria
Dedicated Account Managers
Our dedicated team of financial experts are committed to guiding you through the investment process, answering any questions you may have, and assisting you in making informed decisions about your wealth creation journey.
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With ₦19.5 Billion In Deposits, Here’s What Our Customers Say.
“Using fairmoney has been stress free. Liquidation is swift and I’ve had no hitches. ”
Ijeoma Victoria
“Fairmoney’s competitive interest rate was what attracted them to me, doing business with them has been great so far. ”
Chukwumati Joseph
“Above all, Kudos to you and the whole management team for creating excellent services in the fintech space.”
Mr. Steve
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